Report number: 64/2009

Title Grime's Graves, Norfolk: Report on Geophysical Survey, November 2007
Summary A ground penetrating radar (GPR) survey was conducted over two trial areas at Grime’s Graves, Norfolk, to identify suitable targets for investigation and sampling by a powered soil auger. The aim of the GPR survey was to provide more detailed information, including an estimation of depth, for a series of archaeological and geomorphological anomalies recognised through previous topographic, magnetic and earth resistance surveys. The GPR data were interpreted in the field to allow the auger survey to be conducted in conjunction with the geophysical survey and a number of suitable targets, including periglacial sand-filled stripes and possible further flint mining activity, were successfully identified. Conditions at the site proved to be particularly suitable for the GPR with good signal penetration to a depth of approximately 5m and allowed a detailed model of the buried palaeo-surface to be derived from the data set.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 15
  • Holmes, J
  • Linford, N T
  • Martin, L
Keywords Geophysical Survey ,  Ground Penetrating Radar