Report number: 93/2008

Title Turton Tower, Chapeltown Road, Turton, Blackburn with Darwen: Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers
Summary Dendrochronological analysis has produced six site chronologies, accounting for 21 of the 37 measured samples. Three of these six site chronologies, accounting for 14 measured samples, can be dated. The earlier timbers detected in this analysis are those of the north cruck wing, the trees used here, allowing for unmeasured rings, having an estimated felling date in the range AD 1530–50. Such a date demonstrates that the north cruck range is not part of the known, AD 1596, alterations to Turton, but represents an earlier, and hitherto unknown, early- to mid-sixteenth century development of the site. The later timbers found at this site are those of the main staircase and part of the exterior framing to the south porch. The timbers of the stairs themselves have an estimated felling date in the range AD 1666–82, such a date demonstrating that main stair is in keeping with the date suggested on stylistic grounds, and, given that a reasonable number and spread of samples have been obtained, it would appear to be largely original. However, whilst clearly broadly coeval, it is not certain, that the timbers of the south porch were also felled at this time, although they are unlikely to have been felled before AD 1655.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 45
  • Arnold, A J
  • Howard, R E
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Standing Building