Report number: 67/2008

Title Lincoln: Evidence for Metalworking on Flaxengate and Other Sites in the City
Summary The mainly non-ferrous metalworking finds from 17 sites are catalogued and discussed. Two thirds of the finds are from the Flaxengate site with a further 20% from the Saltergate and Silver Street excavations. the vast majority of the material is of early medieval date (9th-12th centuries), with a few Roman and late/post medieval finds. It is a large collection, comprising crucibles, heating trays (cupels), parting vessels, ceramic and stone moulds, scrap and waste metal, slags, litharge cakes and unfinished objects. There is evidence of copper alloy, lead and silver melting, gold and silver refining, and iron working.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 148
  • Bayley, J
Keywords Medieval ,  Metal Working-non Fe