Report number: 39/2006

Title Queenborough, Isle of Sheppey, Kent. Historic Area Appraisal
Summary Queenborough is a small town situated close to the confluence of two rivers, the Medway and the Swale, where they meet the Thames, on the east side of the Isle of Sheppey on the north Kent coast. Originating as a tiny fishing helmet by a creek, it was transformed when Edward III established a planted settlement to support a royal castle (built 1361-67 and demolished in 1650). Queenborough, and its residentail suburb Rushenden, will see considerable change over the the coming years as part of the wider regeneration of Thames Gateway. To help inform this process, the South-East Region of English Heritage commissioned a Historical Area Appraisal rom the Architectural Investigation (South) team. This sets out the story of Queenborough, highlighting its significant buildings, sites and areas. It is focuessed on the surviving historic built environment and does not attempt to cover archaeological remains or topographical features, or the wider landscape of the town. The appraisal contains an overview of the town's evolution from a late-medieval maritime port and market town to a late 19th century industrial and manufacturing centre. It has thematic sections dealing with housing and industry and a final section on characters areas and conservation issues.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 189
  • Barson, S
  • Clarke, Jonathan
  • Smith, J
  • Franklin, G
Keywords Building Investigation