Report number: 41/2004

Title Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers from the Moot Hall, Market Place, Hexham
Summary Analysis undertaken on 19 samples taken from timbers of the roof of this building resulted in the construction of two site sequences. Site sequence HEXBSQ01 contains ten samples and spans the period AD 1244 -1378. Two of these samples are from timbers felled in c AD 1379, with the other eight having an estimated felling date range also consistent with this felling. Seven of these samples come from timbers with obvious signs of reuse. Site sequence HEXBSQ02 contains eight samples and spans the period AD 1341-1539. One of these samples is from a timber felled in AD 1539, with it likely that the other seven were also felled at this time. This roof was previously thought to date c AD 1400. Tree-ring analysis has shown it to be constructed with timber felled in AD 1539 but incorporating a large amount of reused timber from c AD 1379, possibly from the original roof.
Series CfA Reports
Pages 19
  • Arnold, A J
  • Howard, R E
  • Litton, C D
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Standing Building