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3/2012 Larkhill Barrows, Durrington, Stonehenge World Heritage Site Landscape Project : Archaeological Survey Report
Rapid field investigations of two areas near Larkhill complement a detailed analytical survey of the
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32/2012 Stonehenge Laser Scan: Archaeological Analysis
From May to August 2012, ArcHeritage, in collaboration with Dr Hugo Anderson-Whymark, undertook the
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34/2012 Stonehenge Monument Field and Barrows,Wiltshire: Report on Geophysical Surveys, September 2010, April and July 2011
Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) survey was conducted over an area of approximately 1.5ha centred on the
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35/2012 Stonehenge World Heritage Site Landscape Project: A344 Corridor: Level 1 Survey
This report describes the archaeological sites visible on the road verges either side of the A344 in
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29/2012 Stonehenge World Heritage Site Landscape Project: Lake Barrows, The Diamond and Normanton Gorse
Rapid survey of three areas on Boreland Farm was undertaken as part of the Stonehenge World Heritage
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31/2012 Stonehenge World Heritage Site Landscape Project: The Avenue and Stonehenge Bottom
Analytical earthwork survey and investigation, by the former Archaeological Survey & Investigation team
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1/2012 Stonehenge, Amesbury, Wiltshire: Chronological Modelling
This report contains details of all the radiocarbon determinations obtained on samples dated from Stonehenge
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