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21/2017 91 High Street, St Mary Cray, Orpington, Greater London: Radiocarbon Wiggle Matching of Timbers
Radiocarbon dating andwigglematch analysis was undertaken on a series of five single-year samples from
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78/2015 Beckfoot Roman Cemetery, Beckfoot, Cumbria: Radiocarbon Dating
This report contains details of the radiocarbon determinations obtained on samples of cremated human
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72/2015 Cropple How, Muncaster, Ravenglass, Cumbria: Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers and Radiocarbon Wigglematching
Dendrochronological analysis was undertaken on 39 of the 54 oak timber samples taken from different
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89/2011 Laboratory and Quality Assurance Procedures and the Queen's University, Belfast Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory for Samples Dated for the Anglo-Saxon Chronology Project
The laboratory procedures are described that were used to produce 180 radiocarbon measurements at the
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39/2016 Links of Noltland, Westray, Orkney: Radiocarbon Dating and Chronological Modelling
This report contains details of all the publically available radiocarbon determinations obtained on
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77/2018 St Nicholas’ Church, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear: Radiocarbon dating and wiggle-matching of timbers from the roof of St Margaret’s Chapel
Radiocarbon dating and wiggle-matching of the 302 year undated site sequence NWCCSQ01 derived from
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78/2017 Sweet chestnut nut fragments from Romano-British sites at Castle Street, Carlisle and Great Holts Farm, Boreham, Essex – a new assessment
Only two finds of sweet chestnut (Castanea sativa) nuts have been reported from any archaeological or
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5/2015 The Queen’s University, Belfast: Laboratory protocols used for AMS radiocarbon dating at the 14CHRONO Centre
In this document we describe the physical and chemical sample pretreatment procedures for the primary
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