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54/2009 Central Peckham Historic Area Assessment
Peckham is an inner-city area in south London with a densely built-up townscape. It developed from a
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56/2019 Central Rochdale, Greater Manchester: Historic Area Assessment
First mentioned in Domesday Book, Rochdale started as a medieval market town and developed into an
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42/2018 Churchyard Farm, Neenton, Shropshire: Building Investigation
Located west of the central crossroads of the village of Neenton, Churchyard Farmhouse has late 16th
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31/2018 Digbeth and Deritend, Birmingham, West Midlands: Outline Historic Area Assessment
This outline area assessment is designed to provide an overview of the history, development, character
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60/2009 The British Museum Bindery and 1–2 Montague Place, London Borough of Camden: A Historic Buildings Report
This report was written in response to proposals which involve the demolition of two buildings in the
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70/2018 The Gatehouse, Caynton Manor, Edgmond, Shropshire: Building Investigation
The gatehouse at Caynton Manor is the only intact survivor of a historic manorial complex. The building’s
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1/2020 Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset: Historical and Architectural Development
This report describes the historical and architectural development of Weston-super-Mare as a town and
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