Report number: 180/2020

Title West Dewsbury, Kirklees, West Yorkshire: Historic Area Assessment
Summary This report details the findings of a Level 3 Historic Area Assessment, undertaken by LUC ( on behalf of Historic England and Kirklees Council as part of the Dewsbury: Living Market Town Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) initiative. The study area is located in the western portion of central Dewsbury, representing both the relict medieval street layout and the extraordinary period of Victorian growth and innovation that drove the development of modern Dewsbury. From origins as a medieval ecclesiastical centre, Dewsbury grew relatively slowly until the coming of the railway and the explosion of the West Yorkshire woollen industry in the early 19th century. The majority of the extant buildings in the study area relate to this intense period of change and growth, most notably the nationally important assemblage of textile warehouses that are characteristic of the town.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 132
  • LUC
Keywords Historic Area Assessment ,  Standing Building ,  Standing Structure ,  Textile