Report number: 5/2019

Title Eden Petteril Caldew Transect Air Photo and Lidar Mapping and Interpretation
Summary The Eden Petteril Caldew Transect Air Photo and Lidar Mapping and Interpretation Project (EPC) was funded by Historic England and undertaken by Alison Deegan between February 2015 and March 2017. Archaeological features dating from the Neolithic to the mid-20th century that were visible on air photos and/or lidar imagery as cropmarks, soilmarks and earthworks and, in certain cases, as structures were drawn as seen on maps and linked to text- based monument records. This work was undertaken according to the scope and standards of Historic England’s National Mapping Programme. This project produced detailed and accurate mapping and area of 317sq km. It generated records for 767 new National Record of the Historic Environment monuments and enhanced the content of a further 119 existing records. The air photos and lidar imagery have revealed many new and potentially significant sites including: the upstanding remains of a possible Bronze Age cairn and enclosure on Cumrew Fell; possible Iron Age or Roman enclosures in High Stand Plantation; a possible Iron Age or Roman field system on Broad Field; earthworks that may be the remnants of a significant dwelling at Old Ellerton; a hitherto unknown mill-site near Stockdalewath and a World War 1 camp on Blackhall racecourse, Carlisle. This project has consulted and consolidated a large body of evidence, through a well- established rigorous and methodical process, into a more accessible dataset and that can be readily disseminated and interrogated by a wide range of users.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 55
  • Deegan, A
Keywords Aerial Photograph Interpretation ,  Aerial Photography ,  Analytical Landscape Survey ,  Bronze Age ,  Iron Age ,  Lidar Survey ,  Modern ,  Prehistoric ,  Roman