Report number: 14/2018

Title Moot Hall, Boroughgate, Appleby-in-Westmorland, Cumbria: Tree-ring analysis and radiocarbon dating of oak timbers
Summary Analysis undertaken on samples from roof and ceiling timbers of Moot Hall resulted in the construction of a single site sequence. Site sequence APBYSQ01 contains 16 samples from the roof and spans the period AD 1400–1569. The dendrochronological interpretation suggests that all of these timbers from the raised roof over the primary phase of construction are likely to have been felled in AD 1571–96. A ground-floor ceiling beam was individually dated as having been felled in AD 1660.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 44
  • Arnold, A J
  • Howard, R E
  • Tyers, C
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Standing Building