Report number: 93/2015

Title Stonehenge Southern WHS Survey, Diamonds Field, Boreland Farm, Wiltshire: Report on Geophysical Surveys, August 2015
Summary Geophysical survey was undertaken on Wilsford Down over the Diamond Field, Boreland Farm, Wilsford cum Lake, Wiltshire, as part of the Stonehenge World Heritage Site (SWHS) Southern Landscape Project. Results from a vehicle towed caesium magnetometer survey (26.9ha) were partially affected by ferrous disturbance associated with the rotational use of the land as an outdoor pig rearing unit, but successfully complemented records of known historic assets within the survey area. Ground Penetrating Radar survey (2.3ha) was focused on the scheduled Neolithic long barrow and a group of round barrows where, together with the magnetic survey and aerial photographic evidence, the survival of additional significant remains beyond the current designation description has been confirmed.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 9
  • Linford, N T
  • Linford, P K
  • Payne, A W
Keywords Caesium Vapour ,  Geophysical Survey ,  Ground Penetrating Radar