Report number: 63/2014

Title Wick Farm Cottage, Heddington Wick, Wiltshire: Tree-Ring Analysis of Timbers
Summary Dendrochronological analysis was undertaken on all seven of the timbers sampled from two medieval phases at Wick Farm Cottage. This resulted in the production of two site chronologies, HWWFSQ01 and HWWFSQ02. These comprise three and two samples with overall lengths of 178 years and 67 years respectively. The first site chronology dates to AD 1158–1335, whilst the second chronology is undated. The dated samples, thought to be associated with the earliest medieval phase, indicate a programme of felling, and hence likely construction, in the mid-AD 1330s.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 26
  • Bridge, M C
  • Tyers, C
  • Hurford, M
Keywords Dendrochronology ,  Standing Building