Report number: 11/2014

Title The Parish of Allhallows, Hoo Peninsula, Kent: Historic Area Assessment
Summary The parish of Allhallows lies at the north eastern end of the Hoo Peninsula. Partially bounded by the river Thames and Yantlet Creek, its landscape is a mixture of higher ground and low marshland. It retains a historic settlement, the village of Allhallows, and a more recent riverside outlier, Allhallows on Sea. Inland the character of the parish is predominantly agricultural while leisure and holiday facilities occupy much of the river frontage. Evidence of previous military occupation and a railway branch line also survive. However the impact of industrialisation along the Thames and Medway has been largely indirect, limited mainly to residential expansion. This Historic Area Assessment provides an overview of the historical development and architectural character of the parish. It forms a component of the larger Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 27
  • Smith, J