Report number: 14/2011

Title Hoo Peninsula, North Kent coast, Thames Estuary : A Palaeoenvironmental Review of the Development of the Hoo Peninsula
Summary This report forms part of the output of the ‘Hoo Peninsula Historic Landscape Project’ (5733), reviewing and describing the Quaternary palaeoenvironmental development and associated deposits of the region; in particular those of fluvial- (deriving from the migrating Rivers Medway and Thames) and marine- (deposits associated with fluctuating sea levels) origin. Within these contexts, archaeological deposits and remains have been discussed where present. The studies on which this review is based result from a combination of academic- and development-led research across a variety of disciplines. Sites from which palaeoenvironmental proxies (ie sub-fossils) have been recovered and/or analysed are summarised and recorded as a layer within the project’s GIS output.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 38
  • Hazell, Z
Keywords Mollusca ,  Plant Remains ,  Pollen