Report number: 82/2008

Title Codnor Castle, Codnor, Derbyshire: Earthwork Analysis Survey Report
Summary This report describes the results of an earthwork survey at Codnor Castle, a fortified medieval residence in Derbyshire. The building remains consist of a substantial but decayed residential block that formed part of an Upper Court which was originally surrounded by a moat, with a Lower Court to the south. The earliest fabric is probably early 13th century with 14th-century additions. The residential block and the Lower Court are probably also 14th-century but this is uncertain. Development continued until the early 17th century and by the mid 17th century stone was being removed for building. This survey demonstrated that in the 12th century the moat could have contained water right around the Upper Court and that there were probably medieval garden enclosures to the south-west. The northern part of the Upper Court was perhaps remodelled in the 14th century and the moat here filled to create gardens. It was probably at about this time that the Lower Court was enclosed; the moat remained but the earlier gardens probably became less significant. To the east the gardens developed into the 17th century, with the creation of a substantial terrace and mount, but they may have been left unfinished.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 49
  • Alexander, M
  • Millward, J
Keywords Medieval ,  Survey