Report number: 5/2008

Title Fort Pitt, Chatham, Kent: An Earthwork Analysis of Jackson Recreation Ground
Summary An earthwork survey was undertaken within the western part of Jackson Recreation Ground, Chatham, Kent during September 2007. The purpose of the survey was to determine the extent of earthworks of the Napoleonic Fort Pitt which lay immediately to the east in order to inform designation advice and future management. Earthworks of several periods were recorded. Earthworks associated with Fort Pitt were seen to extend several metres into the recreation ground all along its eastern boundary. In the south the remains of outworks, including a substantial bank that had formerly connected to Delce Tower to the west were recorded. Several other 19th century features were also seen though these were not necessarily associated with the fort. In the 1920s the park was substantially remodelled with the creation of a large sports field terraced into the centre of the recreation ground and a smaller terrace now containing a playground to the north west. The recreation ground was incorporated into Chatham’s wider Second World War defences against invasion and earthworks and structural remains from this period were also recorded.
Series Research Department Reports
Pages 35
  • Alexander, M
Keywords Modern ,  Post Medieval ,  Survey